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Administrative Offices
Nancy Deaner, Director
Patricia L. Harris, Manager
Robin McCartney, Management Analyst
Becky Grill, Administrative Support Assistant
Matt Kozanecke, Web Content Specialist

Arts Connection
Joseph O'Neill, Theatre Program Specialist

Charleston Heights Arts Center
Linda Leos, Cultural Supervisor
Sandra Ward, Sr. Cultural Specialist
Cory Goble, Cultural Specialist

Historic Fifth Street School
Brian M Kendall, Cultural Supervisor
Jonathan Meza, Cultural Specialist
Anastacio Del Real, Cultural Specialist

Production Services
Robin Hardin, Technical Administrative Supervisor
Martin “Jeff” Manning, Sr. Production Technician
Roy Ramirez, Sr. Production Technician
Roger Pikrone, Sr. Production Technician
Jeffrey Basso, Sr. Prduction Technician
Dave Lewis, Sr. Production Technician

Rainbow Company Youth Theatre
Karen McKenney-Dyer, Cultural Supervisor
Kris Shepherd, Theatre Program Specialist
Kearsten Kuroishi, Theatre Program Specialist

Urban & Visual Arts
Rebecca Holden, Visual Arts Specialist II/Public Art
Jeanne Voltura, Visual Arts Specialist I/Gallery Director

West Las Vegas Arts Center
Marcia Robinson, Cultural Supervisor
Jewel Jeppe, Sr. Cultural Specialist
Lisa Russell, Cultural Specialist

City of Las Vegas
Office of Cultural Affairs
495 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89101
Monday - Saturday (702) 229-2787