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West Las Vegas Arts Center Youth Performance Ensemble

The City of Las Vegas Office Of Cultural Affairs will be sending 22 students to Cleveland, Ohio, January 21-25, to perform in the 27th Annual International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference. The West Las Vegas Arts Center Youth Performance Ensemble was selected to represent the City of Las Vegas in the Evening Choreographic Showcases, Thursday, January 22 and 23, 2015, at the downtown Ohio Theatre at Playhouse Square.

The International Association of Blacks in Dance Conference preserves and promotes dance by people of African ancestry and increases opportunities for artists in networking, funding, performance, education, audience development, philosophical dialogue, touring, and advocacy.

The conference is an excellent outlet for students and professionals from all over the world to share in life experiences, while continuing to cultivate and nurture the next generation. Because of the recent turmoil in Ferguson, MO, the youth will be asking through music, dance and spoken word, “Where are the lobbyist for ‘change’ for me?” to the melodies of But Joy Comes in the Morning. The trip was funded by community youth advocates with the hope that the entire community will be ignited with a better sense of purpose toward changing the ways of the world and youth development.


Film Series: A Dream Deferred

Richard Wright – Black Boy

West Las Vegas Arts Center, 947 W. Lake Mead Blvd.

Saturday, January 31, 2 p.m.

Free and Open To The Public
For more information, call 702-229-4800

Emmy Award winner “Richard Wright - Black Boy” is the first documentary film on the life, work and legacy of Richard Wright. Born outside Natchez, Mississippi, in 1908, Wright overcame a childhood of poverty and oppression to become one of America's most influential writers. His first major works, “Native Son” and “Black Boy,” were runaway bestsellers that are still mainstays of high school and college literature and composition classes. According to critic Irving Howe, "The day ‘Native Son’ appeared, American culture was changed forever."

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The city of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs programs are funded in part by the NEA, WESTAF and the Nevada Arts Council.
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