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Urban Arts Initiatives
Urban Arts Initiatives promotes and develops the arts as a meaningful and creative part of downtown by developing a downtown cultural tourism initiative and creating innovative approaches to bringing the urban environment. The Urban Arts program includes projects and events as well as cultural planning initiatives; a focus on "place making" i.e., using the arts to enhance and define public/commercial spaces whether a neighborhood (like the Arts District) or specific site like the Lewis Avenue Corridor.

This unit of the Office of Cultural Affairs branded the burgeoning downtown arts district located in a 20 block area around Charleston and Main – the “18b”Arts District. It is the hub of the arts scene in Las Vegas, with 75 or so art galleries/studios/shops, restaurants, bars and other businesses. The 18b Arts District is also home to First Friday, the most popular local arts event in Las Vegas that can draw as many as 10,000 people to the neighborhood in one night.

Urban Arts also coordinated the integration of public art enhancements and banners along the Cultural Corridor Trail to strengthen its identity within the community.

Urban Arts is responsible for the Aerial Gallery, which will be relocated from Las Vegas Boulevard to the First Street Art Trail (between Boulder and Bridger) and the Centennial Mural Project, which completed 100 murals throughout the city of Las Vegas.

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