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Urban Arts Initiatives
Urban Arts Initiatives promotes and develops the arts as a meaningful and creative part of downtown by developing a downtown cultural tourism initiative and creating innovative approaches to bringing the urban environment. The Urban Arts program includes projects and events as well as cultural planning initiatives; a focus on "place making" i.e., using the arts to enhance and define public/commercial spaces whether a neighborhood (like the Arts District) or specific site like the Lewis Avenue Corridor.

This unit of the Office of Cultural Affairs branded the burgeoning downtown arts district located in a 20 block area around Charleston and Main – the “18b”Arts District. It is the hub of the arts scene in Las Vegas, with 75 or so art galleries/studios/shops, restaurants, bars and other businesses. The 18b Arts District is also home to First Friday, the most popular local arts event in Las Vegas that can draw as many as 10,000 people to the neighborhood in one night.

Urban Arts also coordinated the integration of public art enhancements and banners along the Cultural Corridor Trail to strengthen its identity within the community.

Urban Arts is responsible for the Aerial Gallery, which will be relocated from Las Vegas Boulevard to the First Street Art Trail (between Boulder and Bridger) and the Centennial Mural Project, which completed 100 murals throughout the city of Las Vegas.

Check the calendar for upcoming speaker series and events.


Geocache meets art! Don’t forget to bring your inkpad and logbook as you search for these cool, custom-designed stamps. Simply follow the clues below --no GPS or compass required. Geocache enthusiasts can use the coordinates provided with the clues.

Basic Rules:

  • Use the stamp for your logbook and place it back in the container.
  • Please write about your visit in the logbook and place it back in the container.
  • If you take a token, leave a token. Some caches may have “tokens.” If you find a token in the cache and decide to take it, you must leave something for the next person.
  • If you take a token, leave a token. Some caches may have “tokens.” If you find a token in the cache and decide to take it, you must leave something for the next person.

If you have questions, or need to report missing items, please email us at

The First Street Art Trail Vegas Jackpot Art Cache GPS coordinates and Letterboxing clues can also be found at these popular sites:

Vegas Jackpot Art Cache Clues:

#1 As you begin this hunt in the heart of the Arts District, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” From the intersection of FIRST Street and BOULDER Avenue, walk towards 1025 east, an ARTful SQUARE and home of a talented COCKROACH. You have TWO OPTIONS of approach: OPTION 1) If you are able to venture inside, even the building itself will point you to its treasures. With rainbow squares on your left, walk towards the riotous colors of various galleries, but before you get too UNHINGED, bring yourself past to The Modern before going North past the Brett Wesley Gallery. As you are courted into the light of day, it all becomes clear as you turn right at Sharon Gainsburg’s ELEMENTAL sculpture and follow the earth through the gate. We all know that art is a powerful thing, but though the environment may look electrifying; you will remain safe as you continue your search. 9 METERS may seem far, but 6 steps to the east rests your prize!! OPTION 2) Should you choose to pursue a more direct, southern exterior approach, you would skirt past the COCKROACH along the BOULDER-fronted wall with the WAY of ART in view. Coming to a corner, look both ways, but choose not to be RIGHT this time. We all know that art is a powerful thing, but though the environment may look electrifying, you will remain safe as you continue your search. 9 METERS may seem far, but 6 steps to the east rests your prize!!

GPS Coordinates: 36°09'34.38”N 115°09'07.78”W

#2 You might be a bit warm after the first hunt, but there's always a way to COOLidge things off. If you meander back up First Street heading north from the ARTful SQUARE, there are plenty of visuals to remind you that you remain in the Arts District. And when you come face-to-face with a one-horned duck or a neonless neon WELCOME sign, you'll want to redirect yourself 180 degrees and look for wildlife of a PURRfectly FELINE nature. Getting aHEAD of the litter, you'll back-track 50 (or so) paces south, but trust us there is no need for NV or a feeling of DISCONNECT as the ELECTRICITY of your excitement builds. Your prize is tucked safely underneath!!

GPS Coordinates: 36°09'38.01”N 115°09'08.29”W

#3 After successfully bagging your first two quarry, you are probably getting hungry for more. If it's still morning, you might think of waffles, but though your first clue is GRIDDED, it's most certainly not edible. Rather than running out of GASS, keep a northward eye out for the grey 8x12, though you might want to turn your back to the FA_____Q instead, as your prize will be firmly PLANTED down low!!

GPS Coordinates: 36°09.722'N 115°09.005'W

#4 As you now reflect on your recent successes, keep a northward heading until you see yourself MIRRORED in the hallowed HALL. What to some might seem like a cLARK, you know you can COUNTy on this name to guide you in the left direction. Keeping a forest of stately steel to your right as you travel west, don't discount the urge to PARK after your long trek. Your MAIN goal of 500 will be a place of SERVICE, where you can ask for what you seek from the informant inside!!

GPS Coordinates: 36°10'01.12”N 115°08'58.53”W

Other First Street Art Trail Projects:

Boulder Avenue to Bridger Avenue
This text-based “wheel art” can be found on the eight groupings of bright green bike racks along the Art Trail. You will find custom phrases by well-known writers, poets and thinkers, each designed and hand-stenciled by the artist. Share your favorite bike-related text and Cycled Musings photos by emailing us at for possible inclusion in the City social media.

Southwest corner of First Street and Coolidge
Jesse’s colossal “cat head” celebrates the Las Vegas artist’s love for felines and makes the ordinary monumental. This 9-foot-tall kitty invites viewers to contemplate our relationship to the everyday. Visitors are invited to upload their selfies and photos with Mr. Cat and emailing them to for possible inclusion in City social media.

City Hall between Clark and Lewis
This on-going series of temporary installations can be viewed in the large display windows on City Hall facing First Street. The window provides college-level students with the opportunity to develop, design, install and evaluate a project in the public realm.

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